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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinderís Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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Testimonials for
Stop Stress And Banish Burnout
For Sustainable Self-Renewalô

Testimonials for Winning the Mental Game of Selling Here are some participant comments from around the United States and Canada from our Stop Stress And Banish Burnout For Sustainable Self-Renewal™ program.

"You demonstrated that you are a true platform professional and veteran communications expert. Your program was excellent, and you hit a perfect bullseye of exactly what our people need to help them to perform at higher levels in their stressful and busy workdays. With your incisive, hard-hitting, in-the-moment solutions to our audience's questions about their work and life challenges, you clearly demonstrated why you are known as a personal and professional development expert. Your exceptional communication skills allowed an intimate interplay between the audience and yourself as you coached us right from the platform. Your methods and insights will cut years off our people's success learning curves! Your mental game approach to achievement and success is a message that should be heard by everyone. After your program, the audience made fourteen requests for your consulting, coaching and training, including four requests for another speech on similar topics. I'd call that a home run."
Steve Churchill, President, Central Coast Claims Association, San Jose, CA

"The relaxation techniques are an excellent way to focus yourself. I didn't know how to do this prior to Bill's talk."
Jim LaFreniere, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Hi Bill, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I really appreciated all the time you spent with me, especially on such a short notice. I thank you for all the coaching you provided. Also, wanted to let you know that it was time well spent. I PASSED THE EXAM : ) Yeah!!! ... I have been notified of the results, and needless to say, I was THRILLED! Thanks again Bill!"
Joan Huang
Silicon Valley, California

"The best idea I took from your program on Stop Stress And Banish Burnout was to take multiple mental breaks through the day. I will use your scaling system of 1-10 to know where I am on stress and then adjust to where I want to be. I'd have enjoyed a much longer talk by you."
Mary Jane Collins, MD, Los Gatos, CA

"The best idea I took from your program on Stop Stress And Banish Burnout was the validation that play and vacation is important in our lives. Good program."
Sydney Thomson, MD, San Jose, CA

"The best concept and tool I took from your program on Stop Stress And Banish Burnout was to take frequent breaks and refresh, like basketball players do. This was a practical, yet well-researched approach to using stress positively in life and in our work."
Marcelle Willock, MD, Boston, Massachusetts

"The best concept and tool I took from your program on Stop Stress And Banish Burnout were the techniques that will help keep me focused and in the present. This was applicable to a wide variety of aspects of self-improvement, for example work, personal, life, sports, etc."
John Kramer, San Jose, CA

"You were the best thing in the conference -- I could have spent all day with you."
Jacquelynn Baker, Chesapeake, Virginia

"Bill Cole is an excellent speaker. His ability to teach mental readiness would benefit anyone."
Bill Mayberry, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

"Bill has a great delivery with his message. He is very interactive with the audience. I love that he relates to people using special techniques, conversations and props. Very refreshing not to have Powerpoint!"
Donna Christie, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

"The relaxation and letting go techniques were great tools."
Linda Knowles, Arcadia, California

"Great 'Doable' ideas that you can do without having to go out of your way."
Vicki Horne, Raleigh, North Carolina

"Very worthwhile! You gave us practical advice on stress prevention and reduction that can apply in any job or situation."
Patrick Love, Santa Clara County, California

"Invigorating! Held my attention for the full two hours. I feel better already!"
Carol Dreyer, Corona, California

"A very helpful and informative way to help you become aware of how to control your stress, relax and be aware of how you can be a better performer."
Steve Meadley, Bainbridge, Ontario, Canada

"You made me realize I was on my way to burnout and that's not the place I want to go!"
Ange Hammer, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

"Excellent presentation and reminder of tools we quickly forget."
Melissa Strickland, Greensboro, North Carolina

"I found this seminar more relaxing than my spa treatment! Plus, I gained tools to bring me back to this relaxed state. Thank you!"
Christine Rubin, Los Angeles, California

"You didn't rely on materials and high tech--you relied on teaching! You taught us how to self-coach."
Jim Bogan, Durham, North Carolina

"Bill covered a wide array of tools and kept the meeting interesting. Very practical and useful techniques."
Suzanne Clark, Albany, Oregon

"I never, ever understood how meditation works until you taught us the exercises today."
Jan Flaata, Phoenix, Arizona

"The shortest two hours I ever enjoyed."
Kathleen Foy, Phoenix, Arizona

"I realized that I put an incredible amount of pressure on myself to perform. These tools I learned today will allow me to perform more effectively."
Antoinette Finizio, Vineland, New Jersey

"The tools you taught us for self-control today will be a valuable asset for my future."
Margie Burke, Mishiwaka, Indiana

"Thank you for pointing out what we should be paying attention to (the obvious!), yet we're all too busy."
Rachel Pacini, Carmichael, California

"I knew I was stressed--but didn't realize how much! Wished I had attended your class two years ago!"
Jan Hill, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

"The relaxation techniques are an excellent way to focus yourself. I tried learning these from other sources, but Bill taught us quickly and powerfully."
Jim LaFrenise, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

"I was aware of my body and my mental state. When I see or feel myself negatively altering my state, I now have some great tools and techniques to help readjust that course."
Garret Murphy, General Manager, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

"One of the best, most beneficial stress management sessions I have attended in a long time. Very useful tools."
Alice Flinn, Dayton, Ohio

"Very calming speaker. During and after his program I felt relaxed, focused and zoned into his speech. Great experience!"
Lucille Paulin, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

"I was reminded of the importance of the breath and how to scan my body and release tension I did not know I had."
Jennifer Cowan, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

"Bill is an excellent speaker! His tips and information will be easy to remember and incorporate into my daily sales role."
Heather Costello, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

"Bill made us aware of the unconscious processes we take for granted on a daily basis."
Nunoi Teixeira, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

"Bill brought a realization to breathing that I use in sport, that can be utilized in everyday activities."
Raymond Nash, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

"Bill taught us centering and that was very useful. It helped me relax and focus."
Faye McDonnell, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

"You gave us solid fundamentals for coping with our stressful work lives."
Brohne Lawhorne, Santa Clara County, California

"Bill taught us to relax, center and be peak performers."
Lois Parr, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

"AWARENESS was a great point. I enjoyed the body approaches to peak performance."
Bill Morris, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"It is so true. The breathing exercises do really relax you. I will be using this procedure on a regular basis."
Debbie Stack, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

"Great tips on reducing office stress that I can use every day!"
Leslie Crowell, Santa Clara County, California

"Bill helped us with relaxation. Great! He helped us with staying in the zone! He helped us with feeling positive and good about yourself."
Catherine Lunstrom, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

"I NOW do firmly believe that your body and mind are the beginning of a successful (Great!) day!"
Eugene Kit, Peace River, Alberta, Canada

"Bill taught us excellent relaxation techniques, and I feel confident that I can easily use them in my daily life."
Robin Cross, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

"I learned a great way to relax and be in tune with myself."
Darlene Cross, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

"Total relaxation! Stress level GONE!"
Doreen Floer, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

"I found the techniques Bill taught us to be very useful tools I can utilize in my career. I found myself completely relaxed and stress free."
Sharon Kelly, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"Excellent experience!!"
Darrin Snell, Coquitwam, British Columbia, Canada

"Bill is so confident, he inspires."
Raph Shughat, Markham, Ontario, Canada

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