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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinderís Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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"an expert in the psychology of workplace productivity"
Alain Pinel Real Estate

"a personal and professional development expert"
Central Coast Claims Association

"Bill brings his extensive experience and talent in coaching to inspire us and to achieve peak performance, then shows us the way."
John Rafael
WFDJ Consulting

"Excellent! Bill Cole is the coach's coach. He really knows about peak performance and the mental game."
Neil Fiore, PhD., psychotherapist,
Founder and President of Self-Leadership Seminars

International Association of Coaches Founding Member
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William B. Cole Consultants Services:
Coaching, Consulting, Speaking & Training

William B. Cole Consultants provides peak performance solutions for organizations and individuals in business, sports and life through coaching, consulting, speaking and training. This page contains a quick overview of our services, with links to pages containing more detailed information.

Our Coaching Sessions Are Guaranteed

I guarantee the quality of our coaching sessions. I guarantee to you that each coaching session will be of the highest quality, and will give you the best cutting-edge content and success strategies. However, I cannot predict, know, monitor or guarantee what you will do with the lessons, insights and content learned in these sessions. Therefore, when you use our coaching, materials and products you are not guaranteed to improve learning, performance, income, health, fitness or specific earnings. No one can guarantee such outcomes because your results will depend on variables and factors outside our control including, but not limited to: your motivation, your diligence and discipline, your capabilities, your creativity, your health and fitness, your compliance with our recommendations and suggestions, and other factors which neither party has control over.

I will ask you, many times in each coaching session, if things make sense, and if you know how to practice and actually use what we discuss, and what I teach you. At the end of each coaching session, I will ask if that session met your expectations. If you say yes, we will consider that session successful. If you say no, I will spend additional time with you, at no additional charge, at that time, or at a mutually convenient time, to resolve your concerns. If I cannot resolve your concerns at that time, I will refund all your monies paid for that particular coaching session in question. If this coaching session in question was part of a package, when you receive a refund for that session, we will also refund the rest of your unused coaching package monies. This will be prorated per the package you purchased, not at the full non-package hourly rate. Whenever you make the next coaching package payment that is due or make a pay as you go payment, this indicates that you are satisfied with the coaching up to that point, and that you wish to continue the coaching program.

Nine Ways We Can Help You

   Executive Coaching
   Interview Coaching
   Sales Coaching
   Media & Presentation Coaching
   Stress Management Coaching
   Test Anxiety Peak Performance Coaching
   Sport Psychology Coaching
   Speaking & Training
   Career Advice In Sports Psychology

Executive Coaching

Executives need to constantly evolve and add capabilities. You want to grow in your career by assessing, developing and polishing these leadership competencies:

  • Learn how to develop and display your professional bearing and presence.
  • Discover leadership decision-making, execution and evaluation.
  • Improve your oral and written communication skills.
  • Master motivational approaches that catapult your people into sustained excellence.
  • Expand your executive competence by becoming more aware of your blind spots.
  • Learn the secrets of being a polished, confident leader.

Learn more about our Executive Coaching services.

Interview Coaching

If you get psyched out, stressed out, and are afraid of performing below your abilities in job interview situations, oral exams, performance exams, and media situations, this coaching is for you. You'll learn how to:

  • Mentally psych up and prepare to perform to the potential you have.
  • Practice, study for, and rehearse your responses for the "big moment".
  • Handle the stress and anxiety that blocks your learning new material.
  • Increase your self-confidence to be at your best, when it counts most.
  • Be able to enter "the performance zone" on command.
  • Deal successfully with problems that come up during your performance.
  • Be more natural and spontaneous under pressure.

Learn more about our Interview Coaching services.

Sales Coaching

Do you want to be challenged to improve your peak performance mind tools and reach your zone of optimal sales performance? We can help you become an even higher achiever and reach more of your selling potential in these ways:

  • Kick-start your motivation in a hurry, and sustain it.
  • Learn how to take your selling game to a new level.
  • Create more mental toughness.
  • Learn how to thrive under pressure.
  • Become more self-accountable.
  • Make more sales and be more productive.
  • Become more self-disciplined on a daily basis in work and life.

Learn more about our Sales Coaching services.

Media and Presentation Coaching

Perhaps you are looking for help improving your skills in speech writing, staging, platform performance, authorship, product development, sales and marketing and managing a speaking business. If so, we can help you in these ways:

  • Learn how to fully prepare for every presentation.
  • Discover the pro secrets of successful programs.
  • Get into the zone at will--and stay there.
  • Craft speeches that engage and inspire people.
  • Create rapport and connection with your audiences.
  • Become a more natural, confident speaker.

Learn more about our Media and Presentation Coaching services.

Stress Management Coaching

You may be looking for help improving your stress management skills in business, academics or life. Perhaps you want to address one of more of these areas:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and out of control
  • You want to reduce anxiety and nerves
  • Perfectionist who is stressed out
  • Actor suffering from stage fright
  • Writer with writer's block
  • Musician with fears of auditioning and performing
  • You self-sabotage
  • You have the fear of failure or success
  • You want better work-life balance
  • You want to reduce or eliminate stress symptoms
  • You want to learn how to relax, meditate, visualize

If so, we can help.

Learn more about our Stress Management Coaching services.

Test Anxiety Peak Performance Program

You may be looking for help controlling your test anxiety. Perhaps you want to address one of more of these areas:

  • Do you freeze up or go blank on tests?
  • Do you perform well on practice exams, but bomb the real thing?
  • Are you frustrated from studying so hard, but in not seeing the test score results you want?
  • Are exam pressures stopping you from achieving the scores you know you are capable of?
  • Do you under-perform on tests that are critical to your future career?
  • Are you having to re-take tests you know you should have passed the first time?
  • Does the stress of studying and test-taking create anxiety, resulting in problems at work and at home, with loved ones?
  • Do you have symptoms of academic burnout?
  • Is your health suffering from the stress of studying and test-taking?
  • Is your window for successfully passing an exam beginning to close? Are you running out of time?

If so, we can help.

Learn more about our Test Anxiety Peak Performance Program.

Sport Psychology Coaching

You want a sport psychology coach with a world-class background and a proven track record in helping people master the mental game at the highest national and international levels. You also want that person to "know what you are experiencing" from having personally been a top competitive athlete and coach. You can expect quick, yet lasting results like these:

  • Learn how to psych up for every practice, coaching session and competition.
  • Make mental toughness a strength in your sports performance.
  • Stop mentally beating yourself up and self-destructing when you perform below expectations.
  • Know how to get into the performance zone, naturally and easily, every time.
  • Handle the dreaded mind games opponents launch at critical times.
  • Reach new levels of performance. Stop blowing leads.
  • Transfer lessons learned in sport to the rest of your life and business.

Learn more about our Sport Psychology Coaching services.


Do you need assistance in improving your sales and marketing, customer service, employee performance, products and services and business writing? We can help you in these ways:

  • Write and edit your internal and external materials.
  • Go on sales calls with you and your salespeople.
  • Create and conduct 360 degree reviews.
  • Teach you how to "speak to market" your professional services.
  • Show you how to create products that people will want to buy.
  • Help you create and execute a comprehensive marketing plan.

Learn more about our Consulting services.

Speaking & Training

If you need a speaker for your next meeting, Bill Cole may be your perfect choice. You will enjoy Bill's natural humor and warmth as he recounts fascinating and educational stories from his coaching and consulting that will help you in your business, your sport and your life. The National Speakers Association said, "Bill Cole is a world-class coach... A speaker's speaker." Bill's programs include:

  • Winning the Mental Game of Selling™
  • The Mental Game of Customer Service™
  • Winning the Mental Game of Team Building™
  • Winning the Mental Game of Golf™
  • The Mental Game of Speaking™
  • Winning the Mental Game of Life™
  • Stop Stress And Banish Burnout For Sustainable Self-Renewal™
  • Influencing Skills For Leaders
  • Coaching For Communication Excellence™

Learn more about our Speaking & Training services.

The Meeting Planner section of our website contains guidelines for selecting a speaker, in addition to information for planning and organizing meetings.

William B. Cole Consultants CEO Bill Cole, MS, MA

Bill Cole, MS, MA Bill Cole, MS, MA, a leading authority on peak performance and coaching, is founder and CEO of William B. Cole Consultants, a consulting firm that helps organizations and professionals achieve more success in business, life, and sports. He is a Wall Of Fame Honoree, an award-winning scholar-athlete, published book author and articles author, and has coached at the highest levels of major-league pro sports, big-time college athletics and corporate America. For many years, Bill wrote a monthly column on sales for the national magazine Transaction World, and writes articles on business for other publications worldwide. Over 60 of his articles appear in the articles archive on this website.

For two years Bill was on the Board of Directors of The National Speakers Association in Northern California. He learned valuable business and teamwork lessons during his tenure as a Director.

He was the Sport Psychology Coach for the Israeli Davis Cup Team and has coached on the ATP Pro Tennis Tour, including Wimbledon and the US Open. The Stanford University Baseball Team had him on staff as their Sport Psychology Performance Coach when they reached the finals of the College World Series.

For more about Bill, see his full bio.

Contact Us to Learn More

Call us for a brief, no-charge, no-obligation conversation to see if our coaching services, consulting, speaking or training are for you, and if we are a good fit together. We'll spend some time exploring your current situation, what you're looking for, how we might be able to help, and if there seems to be chemistry. We can also describe our programs in more detail. Please contact us at the phone number or e-mail address listed below.

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