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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinderís Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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About Presentation Coaching

A Message to Anyone Who Presents
From Bill Cole, MS, MA
William B. Cole Consultants

Speech CoachingFear of giving a speech is one of the deadliest life anxieties any human being can experience. It ranks right up there with fear of dying. Sometimes you even wonder why you put yourself through such a seemingly devastating trial by fire.

Maybe you have stage fright, at various levels, that holds you back from presenting to your potential. Maybe you avoid speech-making altogether because of the terrible feelings of dread that always pop up.

Maybe you have to give presentations as part of your work, and you'd like to pull them off with less consternation and with more polish. Maybe you'd actually like to use them as a vehicle to move up the career ladder.

Maybe you like giving presentations just fine, and you do quite well now, but you know you need that special something that you see the highly-experienced speakers and the pros deliver.

Maybe you speak professionally and you'd like to take your speaking to the next level by using strategies the big dogs know and use.

Whatever your reason, thanks for visiting our web site today, and for looking into presentation coaching with us.

If you're feeling the desire to look into presentation coaching, I invite you to read more about our Presentation Coaching Services, including links to our articles on speaking and an introductory Mental Game of Speaking Assessment Package you will find interesting and helpful. You can kick the tires on speech coaching with us by calling and chatting about your needs for a few minutes, at no charge. We're happy to see if there is a good fit and chemistry.

I wish you the best of success in your business, selling and personal life. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

Bill Cole, MS, MA
William B. Cole Consultants

P.S. Everyone wonders how we can do this coaching, if we're unable to meet face to face. Frankly, sometimes I'm amazed at how well it works without meeting in person. I've coached people from all over the world, by telephone, fax and email. They even send me their videos so I can see them perform. This virtual coaching system works great. To learn more about the process, go to the Frequently Asked Questions section about our coaching systems.

P.P.S. I should mention that one of the most important features of private coaching is the confidentiality of the relationship. This is what gives the power to the process of coaching. People always report that this is a critical reason they find coaching so valuable.

P.P.P.S. All Coaching Is Guaranteed.

Our work is guaranteed. We want you to succeed. Anytime you have any concerns about a coaching session simply let us know. We will confer with you to determine how the coaching sessions need to be adjusted, and we will make sure you are satisfied with your progress. If you still have concerns, we will continue to work with you toward your goals at no additional cost to you. If, after such an additional attempt, you still believe we have not met your objectives, we will refund your most recent coaching package fees in total. Whenever you make the next coaching payment that is due, this indicates that you are satisfied with the coaching up to that point, and that you wish to continue the coaching program. We believe in our ability to help our clients. Our commitment to your success is total. This has been our commitment to our clients for well over two decades.

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Presentation Coaching  
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