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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinderís Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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About Executive Coaching

A Message to Executives and Managers
From Bill Cole, MS, MA
William B. Cole Consultants

Executive skyscrapersYou are highly competent. Accomplished. A leader. Career-minded and ambitious. A strategic thinker. Possibly a leader in your field. Perhaps a visionary.

What brings you to this web site at this moment?

Perhaps you are taking a closer look at executive coaching because of one of these personal, current scenarios:

  • A yearning for something beyond the work day to day.
  • A sense of positive career momentum lost.
  • Not as many work successes as there used to be.
  • A reduction in motivation and passion for work.
  • A feeling like something is wrong in your career.
  • Being passed over for promotions and awards.
  • You seem to be on a derailment track.
  • You are actually on a "last chance" track.
  • You've been given an ultimatum to get coaching--now.

Perhaps the reasons are more benign. Maybe you're in a mild slump. Feeling too much stress when you used to love the challenge. Energy levels seem to be declining. Actually having a sense that you might be approaching burn-out. Or at least you feel stale. Maybe even losing your confidence.

Maybe not.

Maybe you're reading this because, even though you're doing well in your executive career, you know there's more potential within you. You realize that top sports stars continually retain mind coaches as part of their trusted support team so they can maintain excellence and continue to stay on the cutting performance edge. They know that nothing in their game has to be "broken" to have an experienced coach on their team. They want to maintain a success mode, and they want even more achievement.

Whatever your reasons, thanks for visiting our web site today, and for looking into executive coaching with us.

You may find it helpful to read the following extract from an interview that was published in a major US newspaper on my coaching philosophies and how and why people initiate executive coaching.

"With 25 years of coaching experience, Bill Cole defines coaching as 'an action-oriented art where I collaborate with the client and together we advance specifically where they want to go.' Cole...believes that in order to be coached, 'the motivation has to come from the person. They have to really want it as opposed to my selling it to them. The client needs to find a coach who has specific expertise and a deep knowledge of the defined area so that there is a matching up of the client's need with the coach's experience. I call this 'the wisdom factor', because then the coach can navigate these waters astutely, since he's either been there or has worked with a lot of clients in that area. This approach is critical."
Bill Cole MS, MA,
as quoted in the article "How Coaches Give A Boost To Careers",
by Evalee Harrison,
Work Force Wellness columnist for The San Francisco Examiner

In my experience there are compelling, vital, core benefits executives receive in working with a private coach. Here are some of the most critical:

  • Confidential, intimate, objective truth telling.
  • A sounding board and creativity partner.
  • A person to tell the real story to who has no agenda.
  • A resource outside the corporate web in which you live.
  • Someone who can tell you things no one else dares.
  • A success partner dedicated to your higher career velocity and personal well-being.

Some of the more exciting moments for me, in working with executives occur when they:

  • Break through long-standing sticking points.
  • Deal successfully with the paradox of success.
  • Articulate and craft their unique vision and path to personal success.
  • Understand, and begin to live the path of mental toughness as applied to leadership.
  • Arrive to a new level of clarity and executive artistry.
  • Become change agents for everyone they touch.

If you're feeling the desire to look into executive coaching, I invite you to read more about our Executive Coaching Services, including links to our articles on achievement, productivity, motivation and success, information on our coaching services and an introductory Executive Coaching Assessment Package you will find interesting and helpful. You can make your judgment on executive coaching with us by calling and chatting about your needs, at no charge. We'd be pleased to see if there is a good fit and chemistry.

I wish you the best of success in your business, career and personal life. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

Bill Cole, MS, MA
William B. Cole Consultants

P.S. Everyone wonders how we can do this coaching, if we're unable to meet face to face. Frankly, sometimes I'm amazed at how well it works without meeting in person. I've coached people from all over the world, by telephone, fax and email. This virtual coaching system works great. To learn more about the process, go to the Frequently Asked Questions section about our coaching systems.

P.P.S. I should mention that one of the most important features of private coaching is the confidentiality of the relationship. This is what gives the power to the process of coaching. People always report that this is a critical reason they find coaching so valuable.

P.P.P.S. All Coaching Is Guaranteed.

Our work is guaranteed. We want you to succeed. Anytime you have any concerns about a coaching session simply let us know. We will confer with you to determine how the coaching sessions need to be adjusted, and we will make sure you are satisfied with your progress. If you still have concerns, we will continue to work with you toward your goals at no additional cost to you. If, after such an additional attempt, you still believe we have not met your objectives, we will refund your most recent coaching package fees in total. Whenever you make the next coaching payment that is due, this indicates that you are satisfied with the coaching up to that point, and that you wish to continue the coaching program. We believe in our ability to help our clients. Our commitment to your success is total. This has been our commitment to our clients for well over two decades.

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