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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinderís Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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Bill Cole's Speaking Fees And Expenses

Keynote, breakout, seminar, training, workshop, master of ceremony, panelist fees are custom-quoted, using one of two methods:

A. Full Package: Includes the speaking fee, and expenses for travel, hotel, transfers and per diems, paid in one price. You pay one time and there are no invoices to handle after the program.

B. Itemized Package: Includes the speaking fee, with expenses for travel, hotel, per diems, transfers, handouts, other program variables and per diem expenses itemized separately.

Speaking fees are custom quoted based on these factors:

  1. Nearness to Bill's office in Palo Alto, CA, to reduce travel time

  2. Bill's availability

  3. Length of the program

  4. Number of participants

  5. Non-profit vs. for-profit organization

  6. Degree of customization required

  7. Pre-program and post-program work

  8. Workbook or handout customization

  9. Inclusion of Bill's products

  10. Trades or barters

  11. Number of dates booked (multiple guaranteed dates are discounted)

Keynote, Breakout, Seminar, Training, Workshop, MC, Panelist and Recording Fees and Expenses

   Keynote/Breakout/Seminar Session: (up to 90 minutes)     $6,500 USD
  Half-day program (up to 3.5 hours)   $10,500 USD
  Full-day program (up to 6 hours)   $15,000 USD
Additional services and enhancements:    
  Panel participant (only in conjunction with one of the above programs)   $1,500 USD
  Master of Ceremonies (only in conjunction with a Breakout or Keynote)   $3,000 USD
  Videotaping (Master to speaker. Material cannot be sold without permission.)   50% of speaker's fee
  Audio taping (Master to speaker. Material cannot be sold without permission.)   33% of speaker's fee

Travel Expenses

International travel requires speaking fees 50% greater than domestic. Fees exclude any foreign country's withholding taxes, VAT taxes, work visa fees, or other fees, which are extra. Bill travels from Palo Alto, CA or San Francisco, CA, and due to constantly changing schedules, full refundable and changeable airfare is necessary for the benefit of all parties. Domestic flights are in Coach Class; international flights in Business Class.

All Programs Are Customized To Your Group

All our standard programs are customized to your group. We make a minimum of three phone calls to attendees to interview them about their challenges, needs and wishes for the program. Groups desiring additional research, consultation and extensive customization will be charged a premium, arranged with you in advance. Additional pre and post customization, including such reinforcement tools as audios, videos, workbooks, etc. will be quoted as part of a package.

Program Features

  • Bill Cole personally delivers each program.

  • When appropriate, Bill can provide video clips of his TV show, The Mental Game, at no extra charge.

  • Each attendee receives a handout that covers the content of the program. We may deliver the handout electronically to the meeting planner for distribution, or for an extra fee we will print copies for distribution.

  • When appropriate, programs can be bundled with one of Bill's books, audios or manuals, at either an extra attendee fee or as part of the quoted fee.

  • Anything else the sponsoring organization wants to include, at their expense. Examples are t-shirts, mementos, etc.

Additional Value-Added Components

Many other value components may be built into any speaking program, such as on-site consulting, individual coaching, team coaching, facilitating, assessments and learning tool reinforcements follow-ups. A day or two of on-site coaching and consulting may also be arranged.


We are sometimes asked if we discount our fees. The answer is yes, and we want it to be a win-win for us both. We may be able to develop a creative solution to your making up the reduction in our fee, by offering mutually agreed-upon non-cash alternatives. Some example alternatives might be booking multiple programs, 5% discount if payment is made in full at time of booking, corporate sponsorship, purchase of our products in quantity, or other creative substitution of goods and services. We also discount our fee for schools and non-profit organizations.

If you need any other programs for your event, and if any of our other topics are appropriate for another slot, the second and third program at the same event will be offered at a discount. This discount does not apply to the same program delivered more than once at the same meeting. Since you will have already paid our expenses for the first program, you will also save on hotel and airfare. All travel expenses will be prorated should we be on the road for other events at the time of your event. Consulting and private or team coaching may be arranged with Bill before of after his program.

Attendee Handouts

Attendee handouts are handled in one of two ways. We may include copy costs as part of our overall fee or as a reimbursable, or we may provide you, at our discretion, a master copy, if there is sufficient time, for you to copy for your attendees. The assumption is made that Bill's handouts will be made available to all attendees as either a download at their discretion, or as a handout, printed by the sponsoring organization. Bill also distributes an evaluation-marketing one-page sheet that attendees take less than five minutes to complete at the end of the program.

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