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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinderís Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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What Meeting Planners Can Expect
When Hiring Bill Cole

70 Pledges Of Professionalism

Your trust in us is paramount. We pledge that we will conduct ourselves professionally and ethically at all times. We'll be team players every step of the way, to partner with you to make your meeting the best ever. Therefore, we make this pledge to you about our duties in carrying out our professional speaking services:

Bill's 16 Duties In Preparing The Program:

  1.   Research your organization and meeting and know what its mission is and how his program fits in to its objectives.
  2.   Customize and tailor the program to your organization, attendees and current topics.
  3.   Be available by phone and email to discuss particulars of his program.
  4.   Tailor his program to be in alignment with your meeting, the other speakers and your organization's theme.
  5.   Understand his unique role in your meeting, and have a coherent plan to meet the objectives for our program we create together.
  6.   Provide handouts for the audience.
  7.   Offer educational materials to attendees in advance through your offices.
  8.   Provide a written audio-visual checklist for room set-up.
  9.   Provide a written survey to audience members in advance to customize the program.
  10.   Provide a written pre-program questionnaire to the meeting planner in advance to customize the program.
  11.   Confirm all details well in advance of the meeting.
  12.   Keep you apprised of his travel itinerary.
  13.   Notify you immediately should there be any travel complications.
  14.   Notify you when he arrives in town, at the hotel and the meeting site.
  15.   Provide photos for your advance publicity of the program.
  16.   Provide articles by Bill for your advance publicity of the program.

Bill's 16 Duties On-Site Before The Program:

  1.   Provide a simple, easy-to-read written introduction and assist in coaching the introducer if requested.
  2.   Be easy to speak with and friendly to do business with.
  3.   Be professional and accommodating.
  4.   Be reasonable and flexible in terms of time, venue and other matters when asked to do so.
  5.   Be accessible at all times.
  6.   Maintain reasonable and appropriate use of billable room, facilities and expenses.
  7.   Be visible, helpful yet non-intrusive prior to his program.
  8.   Maintain a professional image at all times, including dress and behavior.
  9.   Whenever appropriate, add program material that comes from observing first-hand your people, business and actual meeting.
  10.   Provide opportunities for meeting people in your organization.
  11.   Provide opportunities for meeting with the media to publicize your event.
  12.   Provide opportunities for reviewing the meeting with the meeting planner.
  13.   Work with any staff people to make the A/V and room set-up as appropriate as possible for the program.
  14.   Spend time hearing the other speakers to tailor his message to the meeting theme.
  15.   Perform a sound check at least one hour prior to his program.
  16.   Be in the room, visible to the meeting planner well prior to being introduced.

Bill's 28 Duties During The Program:

  1.   Deliver a high-quality program.
  2.   Deliver deep content in an entertaining manner.
  3.   Encourage active participation by all attendees.
  4.   Energize the audience to ask questions.
  5.   Maintain a dialogue with the audience, by use of questions and answers.
  6.   Continually encourage the audience to actively participate throughout the presentation.
  7.   Make and sustain an emotional and intellectual connection with the audience.
  8.   Support the themes and messages of your organization.
  9.   Enjoy himself so the audience does likewise.
  10.   Help the audience laugh and learn so everyone has a good time.
  11.   Be so interesting that people are glad they are there.
  12.   Speak to the level of the audience, yet challenge them to reach beyond themselves.
  13.   Provide fresh, cutting-edge material that is interesting, pertinent and useful to people's current business and personal lives.
  14.   Use humor and stories that are tasteful and clean.
  15.   Be respectful to each and every audience member, staff person and support person.
  16.   Never utilize questionable or off-color humor, personal comments, or A/V materials at any time.
  17.   Be available to present awards, pose for photos, recognize others and be helpful to the meeting planner.
  18.   Start on time and end on time.
  19.   Be flexible when asked to adjust the speaking time.
  20.   Utilize teaching and learning systems that are age, gender and culture-appropriate.
  21.   Utilize teaching and learning systems that address people's different learning propensities and styles.
  22.   Be OSHA and ADA aware and compliant.
  23.   Present well-researched content that is audience-level-appropriate.
  24.   Perform with creativity and flair, by using stories, humor, props and other learning aids that capture the attention of the attendees.
  25.   Utilize appropriate A/V technology at the proper times and degrees.
  26.   Assist the audience with learning strategies for retention of his content.
  27.   Continually be aware of the purpose of the program, and never sell or mention books, tapes or other products unless requested and/or approved in advance.
  28.   Handle any unusual A/V or people situations or emergencies professionally and in a leadership mode.

Bill's 10 Duties After The Program:

  1.   Remain after the program to speak to audience members and people from your organization.
  2.   Maintain confidentiality about any information he receives about your organization.
  3.   Submit billing expenses and receipts in an expeditious manner.
  4.   Handle any product sales requests quickly and efficiently.
  5.   Dismantle and remove all props and program materials immediately.
  6.   Help prepare the stage and room for the next presenter and program.
  7.   Review with the meeting planner how the program went and make suggestions for future programs and offerings.
  8.   Review with the meeting planner and make suggestions for consulting and coaching for attendees and the organization.
  9.   Complete his stay at the venue, meeting and/or hotel without intruding on your organization's staff people.
  10.   Willingly and gladly speak to any audience member or executive from your organization about his program.

In summary, we provide your organization with a professionally-produced program, from start to finish, and beyond.

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